Welcome to Resec’s New Website

The launch of our new site is the result of significant time spent by our team with the goal of creating an excellent and clear user experience for all visitors.

It is not every day that a company decides to go through a rebranding exercise. Our decision to rebrand and build a new site was quite simple: we felt that our prior brand and website did not accurately reflect the tremendous progress our company has made and the transformation of our offering to our customers and partners.

Resec has always taken great pride in offering organizations unparalleled security without compromising usability. However, trend shifts influenced by global digital transformation have significantly increased the use of emails and documents. The number of cyber security attacks that are sourced by an email or document (more than 90% of malware and ransomware attacks are sourced by a document) has shot up in direct correlation.

These changes have a tremendous impact on both our existing and prospective customers, and the job of the CISO has never been more challenging. Organizations are more exposed to an attack and securing the organization cannot be at the expense of the productivity that the source of these attacks enable. These considerations, along with time, resource, and budget constraints, make the security leader’s ability to add new security solutions extremely difficult.

These changes have made our product suite more relevant than ever before. Resec protects organizations from all known and unknown malware threats using a Zero Trust Prevention approach. However, unlike many prevention solutions, Resec’s enhanced security is not at the expense of productivity and usability.

We are committed to delivering threat-free files that remain in native format, maintain full functionality, at scale, and in real time or faster than any comparable solution. In short: Military-grade security with enterprise usability.

Every word in this website has been carefully thought about and selected with our end users in mind. Our goal is to simplify the decision-making process for our customers from A-Z, simplifying messaging to clearly define the problem, our solution, and the value we will immediately bring to organizations.

This is just the beginning. In the coming months we will continue to enhance our system with unique capabilities and products to better serve our customers, so stay tuned for more coming ahead!