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ReSec creates a safe and productive working environment with full protection against known and unknown malware threats.

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Organizations should consider using Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) technology to strip or neuter active content found in commonly used file types and documents.

Gartner Report: Best Practices for Detecting and Mitigating Advanced Threats 2016 Update
As malware sandbox evasion techniques improve, the use of content disarm and reconstruction (CDR) at the email gateway as a supplement or alternative to sandboxing will increase.
OVUM Report: ReSec Rebuilds All Incoming Content to Disarm Malware June 2016

What Our Customers Say

“ReSec’s platform’s ability to rapidly sanitize the most complicated documents really impressed us. Adding ReSec to our network substantially strengthened our security and dramatically improved our processing efficiency.”

Shmulik Koch, Information Security Manager, Bank Hapoalim

“We were blown away by how smooth the deployment went… this was the easiest deployment we have ever done. We were really impressed!”

Dudu Tapiro, Information Security Manager, Bezeq - The Israeli Telecommunication Corp Ltd.

“We just turn it on and walk away, confident in knowing that it will perform as expected. ReSec gives us peace of mind and lets everybody get on with their work.”

Itshak Ashkenazi, CISSP, CISO, Israel Fire and Rescue Authority

“We’ve been using conventional anti-malware applications for years, and infected files still got into our system. ReSec delivers exactly what we needed.”

Johnny Jonathan, Chief Information Security Officer, Migdal Capital Markets

Trusted by Global Brands

Trusted by Global Brands

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Upload a file to the ReSecure demo server. Our ReSecure Engine will process the inbound file, analyze the structure, rebuild the file based on the original format and send you a clean and trusted duplicate while eliminating suspicious elements, try it now!

  1. Enter your name and email in the form below
  2. Click the “Upload File” button to upload a document of your choice
  3. Click “Submit” to process your file
  4. Check your inbox. You will be getting the “CDR-ed” version of the file in a few seconds!