Resec for FTP

Frontline Defense
from FTP Transfers

With supply chain attacks on the rise, FTP file transfers present a growing vulnerability.

Securing FTP File Transfers Automatically

Resec for FTP provides complete protection from files uploaded through FTP, eliminating all known and unknown (“Zero Days”) threats from entering the organization. Files delivered via FTP are intercepted by Resec for processing and Resec’s threat-free replicas are sent back to the FTP for the organization’s use.

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Key Product Benefits

Advanced protection

Superior advanced protection from malware and ransomware attacks arriving from files transferred via FTP

Zero Trust Approach

Every file is treated as a potential threat. Resec provides full prevention of known and unknown (“Zero Day”) malware attacks before they reach the endpoint

Reducing Latency

Reducing unnecessary latency that is added by sandboxes

Seamless User Experience

No change to user behavior. Files are delivered in real time and maintain native format and full functionality

Flexible Integrations

Simple FTP integration, including support of secure file transfer solutions along with an integration to Active Directory

zero-trust malware protection

End Ransomware Today.

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