Resec for Kiosks

Enabling Safe Use
of Removable Devices

Resec for Kiosks is a highly secured and hardened sanitization station that can be deployed anywhere within your organization.

Removing Restrictions without Adding Risk

Resec for Kiosks provides complete protection from threats coming from removable devices. Your organization will be able to soften restrictive policies without adding any risk. Whether adding a single station or multiple interconnected kiosks, users are empowered to securely transfer files throughout the organization without incurring any security risk.

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Key Product Benefits

Advanced Protection

Superior advanced protection from malware and ransomware attacks originating from external drives and devices

Zero Trust Approach

Every file is treated as a potential threat. Resec provides full prevention of known and unknown (“Zero Day”) malware attacks before they reach the endpoint

Enhances Usability

Improving usability and productivity by removing restrictions and enabling access without adding risk or latency

Removable Media Support

Safely transfer files from any removable device (thumb drives, mobile phones, external devices, etc.) without fear of malware penetration

Seamless User Experience

Simple user interface. Files are delivered in real time and maintain native format and full functionality. Encrypted files are supported

Increased Awareness

The Resec Kiosk can be tailored to your organization’s specifications and can be deployed as a PC, tablet, or a company branded station

zero-trust malware protection

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