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with Confidence

With over 300 billion emails sent per day, targeting organizations via email has become a favorite for hackers.

Eliminating Malware Threats from Email

Resec for Email provides superior protection from advanced threats coming from both on-premise
and cloud-based mail services. Our solution enables users to open emails and attachments safely, freely, and without unnecessary latency. Encrypted attachments are fully supported, increasing security and reducing falsely blocked emails and IT overhead.

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Key Product Benefits

Advanced Protection

Superior advanced protection from malware and ransomware attacks arriving from emails and attachments

Zero Trust for Email

Every email is treated as a potential threat. Resec provides full prevention of known and unknown malware attacks before they enter your organization

Reducing Latency

Reducing unnecessary latency that is added by sandbox-dependent security solutions

Encrypted Attachments

Single and multi-layered encrypted attachments are fully supported

Seamless User Experience

No change to user behavior. Emails will be delivered in real-time and attachments will maintain native format and full functionality

Flexible and Frictionless

No agents or client-based footprint. Customizable according to group-level policies. Low overhead on IT staff and easy to maintain

zero-trust malware protection

End Ransomware Today.

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