Resec for File Portals

Securing External
Uploads into
Digital Portals

Seamlessly immersed in standard business flows, external file uploads expose organizations to threats introduced by manipulated documents that appear to be safe.

All Files are Treated as a Threat

Resec for File Portals allows organizations to securely receive files uploaded into a digital portal from external users. Resec for File Portals integrates with the organization’s proprietary web server or web application. Files are intercepted by Resec for processing and the threat-free replicas are sent to predefined locations. The file portal also integrates with active directory and helps meet PCI, DSS and other regulatory compliance requirements

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Key Product Benefits

Advanced Protection

Superior advanced protection from malware and ransomware attacks arriving from files uploaded through a digital portal

Zero Trust Approach

Every file is treated as a potential threat. Resec provides full prevention of known and unknown (“Zero Day”) malware attacks before they reach the endpoint

Reducing Latency

Reducing unnecessary latency that is added by sandboxes

Seamless User Experience

Files are delivered in real time and maintain native format and full functionality

Flexible Integrations

Simple integration via API. Customizable according to group level policies

zero-trust malware protection

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