Resec for API

Bulletproof Frontline Defense through API

Secure file transfers from any system through Resec’s API.

Resec zero trust API

Enhance Business Flows with File Security through API

Resec for API allows the organization to seamlessly integrate Resec into existing workflows and RPAs by exposing a set of commands that allow callers to submit files for processing via Resec for API.

Resec for API comes in three variations with similar functionality: REST API, .Net API and a command line API (Windows).
Resec for API SDK (Software Developer Kit) includes documentation, sample code and integration tools enabling a quick integration process.

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Key Product Benefits

Advanced Protection

Superior advanced protection from malware and ransomware attacks originating from files

Zero Trust Approach

Every file is treated as a potential threat. Resec provides full prevention of known and unknown (“Zero Day”) malware attacks before they reach the endpoint

Reducing Latency

Reducing unnecessary latency that is added by sandboxes

Seamless User Experience

No change to user behavior. Files are delivered in real time and maintain native format and full functionality

Flexible Integrations

Simple API integration, easily connecting any system or application to Resec’s API. Customizable according to group level policies

zero-trust malware protection

End Ransomware Today.

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