Redefining Enterprise
Gateway Security

Combining advanced detection and innovative prevention for Zero Trust protection from known and unknown threats

Zero Trust Prevention

Resec is strategically anchored at the organization’s gateway, improving security posture and tremendously reducing risk.
Resec overcomes the limitations of anti-malware gateway solutions by eliminating all threats before they enter the network, while never compromising the highest level of usability.

Zero-trust file sanitization diagram

Quarantine All Original Files

Resec stores the original files in a secured quarantine area outside of the organization’s network. Original files may be stored and accessed for as long as desired.


Identify True File Type
and Enforce Policy

Resec’s Intelligent File Firewall (IFF) analyzes all incoming files, and identifies the true file type. This determination is based on the file’s structure, with no dependency on the file’s extension, and includes embedded files and archives. Files are processed according to organizational policies at the group or user level.

Outcome: Prohibited or corrupt file types and content will be blocked or stripped (if they are embedded within a permitted file type). Permitted files will advance to the next level of inspection and processing. Identifying the true file type eliminates the threat of evasive techniques used by malicious actors.


Scan Files for Known
Malware Detection

1. Antivirus Multi-Scanning Engine: Orchestrates multiple leading Antiviruses to maximize malware detection while maintaining a low false positives rate.

2. Macro Scanning Engine: Enhances security against threats to Visual Basic and JavaScript code within macros.

3.Active Content Sandboxing Engine (optional): Safely processes executables and active content.

Outcome: Malicious files will be blocked and reported. All other files will advance to the next level of inspection and processing.


Reconstruct Files for
Unknown Malware Prevention

Resec’s market-leading Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) analyzes the content of all remaining files and rebuilds them into fully-functional and threat-free replicas in real time.

By creating the files from scratch, Resec confirms that only safe elements are permitted and eliminates “Zero Day” attacks and false negatives. Resec’s CDR provides threat-free files, while maintaining impeccable file fidelity, processing at enterprise scale and exceptionally fast.

Outcome: Ultimate security and usability; threat-free and fully functional files are delivered to a predefined destination.


Fast and Easy Integration

The Resec platform can be deployed within the customer’s network as an on-premise solution without open access to the internet. It can also be deployed in a private or public cloud with secure encrypted data connections.

Resec’s cluster-based virtual server includes dynamic load balancing to ensure there is never a single point of failure. Each installation is highly scalable to handle the file traffic of a large enterprise.

zero-trust malware protection

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