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ReSecure Technology
See how ReSec’s technology prevents infiltration of malware into your network using CDR

Our Technology

ReSec’s Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) technology has roots in the military cyber-defense industry and delivers the most reliable and robust protection against known and unknown malware threats. ReSec CDR technology has since gained industry recognition and is included in the “Best Practices for Detecting and Mitigating Advanced Threats”, a Gartner report published in March 2016.

How It Works

The ReSec CDR platform processes all files, analyzes the content structure, and rebuilds a duplicate file with no loss of functionality. This “content reconstruction” method isolates suspicious elements and guarantees that all users receive clean and sanitized content, attachments and downloads. Just in case, original content is stored safely outside the network for future reference or analysis.

Where Others Fail

Organizations worldwide are locked in a losing battle against malware threats. See why conventional anti-malware methods are no longer effective for the enterprise.

ReSecure Specification & Performance Engine

  • Server Specification: 8 Cores, 8 GB RAM (Recommended), 300GB disk space, Windows Server 2008R2 or above, .NET 4.5

  • Performance (4 Cores / 4GB Memory): Up to 10,000 emails/Hour, Up to 10GB Data/Hour

  • Architecture: Dynamic Cluster
  • True File Type Engine: Over 300 supported file types
  • Multi-Scan Engine: Up to 8 best of breed anti-virus engines
  • CDR Engine: Office 2003, 2007-2016, OpenOffice, Visio, PDF, HTML, Images, Archives