Resec was Announced as a Gold Winner in the 2023 Globee® Cybersecurity Awards

Globee Awards

Resec’s Zero Trust Malware Prevention platform was selected as Gold winner in this year’s “Globee Cybersecurity World Awards” for the Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) category. CDR technology assumes that original files received by organizations are a threat, stores them in quarantine areas, and creates threat-free replicas of the files for the organization’s end users to use instead. It is widely embraced as a critical component of gateway security, primarily intended to eliminate false negatives and unknown malware (“zero day”).

With documents as the source of more than 90% of malware attacks, Resec has positioned itself as a leader in the gateway security market, providing organizations with a Zero Trust approach that eliminates all known and unknown file-based malware threats without hindering business flows or usability. Resec’s platform consists of multiple advanced detection and prevention engines that provide organizations with an end-to-end solution to the malware and ransomware problem. Resec’s processing flow is as follows:

  1. Quarantine All Original Files
  2. Identify True File Type and Enforce Policy
  3. Scan Files for Known Malware Detection
  4. Reconstruct Files for Unknown Malware Prevention

As the last step in the process, Resec’s award-winning CDR technology is a real game-changer, ensuring that only files that have been safely reconstructed by Resec enter the organization. Resec’s CDR overcomes the common limitations in this category, whitelisting all content to achieve military-grade security, while maintaining all replicas in native file format, with full functionality, at scale, and faster than comparable solutions. For more information about CDR, read our blog post on Content Disarm and Reconstruction.

With its platform enabling to enhance security without compromising usability, Resec has been selected to secure primary critical path flows and enable restricted flows in global organizations such as tier-1 banks and financial institutions, telcos, retail, airlines, government, defense, critical infrastructure, and more.