Resec and Sepio partner to offer a new Zero-Trust approach to device risk management

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TEL AVIV, Israel, March 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Resec, a cyber security company that protects organizations from malware and ransomware at the organization’s gateway, announced its partnership with Sepio, a leader in Asset Risk Management.

The joint offering provides an end-to-end solution to organizations looking to prevent threats coming from connected devices, whether from the devices themselves or from files transferred from them.

“Connected devices present a major threat to enterprises”, said Tal Yatsiv, CEO of Resec. “Partnering with Sepio allows us to offer our customers a complete solution to the problem, enabling safe usage of removable devices without hindering business flows”.

Sepio and Resec combine unique innovative technologies that are overcoming the limitations of existing solutions and revolutionizing how organizations secure themselves from such threats. The Sepio platform sees, assesses, and mitigates all known and shadow assets at any scale, instantly prioritizing risks and blocking unauthorized assets in real time. Resec’s Zero Trust Prevention platform enables the use of removable media by eliminating all file-based threats transferred from the device while processing at scale and in real-time.

“Sepio and Resec complement each other extremely well”, said Yossi Applebaum, CEO of Sepio. “As Sepio is establishing itself as the leader of the Asset Risk Management category, we are excited to partner with Resec and address threats from device file transfers”.

About Resec

Resec provides organizations with ultimate protection from known and unknown file-based malware threats from email, removable devices, and various file-transfer threat vectors (web uploads/downloads, API, File Server). Always positioned between the threat and the organization, Resec’s Zero Trust Prevention platform provides unparalleled security with unmatched usability. Resec is deployed globally in highly sensitive organizations from diverse industries, including finance, critical infrastructure, defense, government, telecommunications, and airlines. Learn more at or contact Resec at

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