October 2016

Skills Gap widening, But Is More Technology The Answer?


I see this in many of the technology enterprises we meet. It comes up from CISO as an issue any time discussing our solution (ReSec) and from most of our friends and  partners promoting other cyber solution. The lack of skilled IT staff.   There are not enough skilled IT security professionals. Not in the US, not in the [...]

September 2016

Sandbox Solutions: What to Consider Before Adopting One


So ,you decided you need to purchase a sandbox solution to improve your organization’s cyber security posture.  And why not? Sandbox is regarded as the most advanced solution, perhaps even the only solution, against sophisticated malware and APT campaigns. But before you commit to this technology, please take a few moments to think about the [...]

Foolproof Email security? Don’t Trust Your Employeees


It’s official: Phishing awareness training is almost futile. IT security professionals of the 2 largest banks in Canada said so last week at the SC Congress security conference in Toronto. Manish Khera, director of data protection, security consulting and application security at RBC Capital Markets said, “What I’ve learned is you can’t fix stupid,” and his [...]