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ReSecure Mail

ReSecure Mail, one of the ReSecure Platform 360-degree agents, can be installed as a service in the DMZ or in the cloud and connected to the organization’s mail gateway. When an email arrives the ReSecure Mail agent fetches the email, including the body and any attachments, and transfers it to the core of the ReSecure platform. The ReSecure Engine processes the email according to policy and ensures no threats reach the organization. ReSecure Mail transfers the email in real time back to the mail server for delivery to its destination.

How Does It Work?

  1. Email received by the email gateway
  2. ReSecure Mail fetches the email
  3. ReSecure Engine processing
  4. Policy is enforced and verified with the Active Directory
  5. ReSecure Mail receives the processed email
  6. Threat-free email is delivered to the end user via the mail server

On-Premise or Cloud Mail

The ReSecure Platform provides solutions for enterprises that use On-Premise Email Server or Cloud Based mail services. ReSecure Cloud Mail supports leading cloud email solutions including Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps with seamless integration. Account owners simply point their email MX record to the ReSecure Cloud Mail agent and the ReSecure Platform does the rest. Email is processed according to policy and sent on to the customer’s cloud mail service in real time.