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ReSec delivers reliable, enterprise-grade solutions to prevent a breach of your network, endpoints and data centers

Network Integration

Deployment Options

The ReSecure platform can be deployed within the customer’s network as an on-premise solution without open access to the internet. It can also be deployed in a private or public cloud with secure encrypted data connections between customer networks and the cloud-based solution.

Our cluster-based virtual server solution includes dynamic load balancing to ensure there is never a single point of failure. Each installation is highly scalable to handle hundreds of thousands of email users, high volume FTP and file transfer, and thousands of endpoints. Experience has shown that a small number of servers can process the traffic and capacity of very large organizations.

Try it now!

Upload a file to the ReSecure demo server. Our ReSecure Engine will process the inbound file, analyze the structure, rebuild the file based on the original format and send you a clean and trusted duplicate while eliminating suspicious elements, try it now!

  1. Enter your name and email in the form below
  2. Click the “Upload File” button to upload a document of your choice
  3. Click “Submit” to process your file
  4. Check your inbox. You will be getting the “CDR-ed” version of the file in a few seconds!