Cyber Security Awareness Month is Over, But Cyber Threats Aren’t

 US National Cyber Security Awareness Month, October 2016 and ReSec was a proud participant

Throughout the month we tweeted, posted and spoke to everyone we could about the importance of cyber security within your organization. We held security awareness sessions at our various offices and reviewed, updated and improved our internal security processes.

At ReSec, our employees either develop our product or research cyber threats and know how to behave in order to minimize risk. The high level of cyber threat awareness is embedded in ReSec’s DNA, and isn’t matched by other, larger companies.

Research shows the high cost of maintaining awareness of cyber security threats through-out a company. It’s still unclear if the best training actually helps to reduce exposure and vulnerability to cyber threats. Although as CEO, I can rely on my own personnel to stay vigilant, I do accept the fact that they might open an odd attachment or click a suspicious link without even noticing.

The solution we employ at ReSec is easy since it’s readily available and free for us.  We utilize our own security product to secure our employees emails and web browsing. In addition, we update all our IT systems on a regular basis, and make sure all the latest security patches are installed. I can only hope other managers are enforcing the same policies in their organizations. One thing that recent events have taught us is that cyber security might be the responsibility of the IT department, but if something goes wrong the organizations management is also culpable- and that’s’ is a risk I’m personally not willing to take.


About the Author:

Michelle Handelman is Head of Marketing at ReSec.