About Michelle Handelman

Michelle Handelman is Head of Marketing at ReSec.

September 2016

CDR: The Cybersecurity Term That Enterprises Need to Know


Do you know what CDR stands for? At the heart of ReSec’s cybersecurity solutions is our Content Disarm and Reconstruct (CDR). It’s a term we coined a few years ago and it describes exactly what our offerings do to protect our customers. When Gartner recently mentioned the term in describing the leading, advanced threat defense approaches [...]

Sandbox Solutions: What to Consider Before Adopting One


So ,you decided you need to purchase a sandbox solution to improve your organization’s cyber security posture.  And why not? Sandbox is regarded as the most advanced solution, perhaps even the only solution, against sophisticated malware and APT campaigns. But before you commit to this technology, please take a few moments to think about the [...]

Foolproof Email security? Don’t Trust Your Employeees


It’s official: Phishing awareness training is almost futile. IT security professionals of the 2 largest banks in Canada said so last week at the SC Congress security conference in Toronto. Manish Khera, director of data protection, security consulting and application security at RBC Capital Markets said, “What I’ve learned is you can’t fix stupid,” and his [...]

Whatcha Ya Gonna To Do When The Nation-State Hackers Come For You?


It’s a well-known fact that nation states have almost unlimited cyber powers. Nation states with unlimited military resources, technical know-how and political motivation gave rise to the infamous APT (“Advanced Persistent Threat”), meaning that an adversary with enough resources and motivation has the ability to hack anyone, regardless of their security mechanisms. While both an [...]